Weednomics: Salaries for Marijuana Non-Profit Executives

Complex organizations require talented executive leadership. This is true in the corporate world, as well as in non-profits. In California, medical cannabis patients can form non-profit collectives to cooperatively produce their medicine. It is a legal way to obtain medicine not personally grown. Any group of two or more people who are both qualified patients can exchange medicine and money. This is generically described by the law as a “collective.” However, when a “collective” chooses to file as a non-profit with the state, it is known as a “cooperative.”

Starting and running a medical cannabis cooperative is no small undertaking. This is not the community vegetable patch. Running an MMJ cooperative is as complex as managing a medium-sized corporation, or a community clinic with thousands of members. Leadership, finance, patient care, compliance, logistics, security, management, customer service and taxes are just a few of the skills required from a...

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