Pragmatic Guide to Investing in Cannabis

Considering an investment in the cannabis industry? Consider this a brief starting guide to making responsible choices. It may help you determine if considering an investment in the cannabis industry is right for you.


Ground Zero: What is Your Risk Tolerance?

This is such a broad question that a whole series or articles can (and has been) devoted to the topic, and for good reason. Risk tolerance, the amount of financial pain you can withstand, takes into account your age, employment, annual income, expenses, total net worth, asset allocation, long-term liabilities, personal life goals, investment objectives, cultural leanings, ethics and lifestyle.

It is not only difficult to take a snapshot of risk tolerance, it changes over time. A professional investment advisor will sit down with you over the course of (hopefully) months and years to consult with you on these things. If you have never considered any of the terms above, you should probably...

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