The First Weed Tech IPO

This week, Mass Roots—a sort-of Facebook for weed lovers—will be one of the first canna-businesses to go public.

Depending on your appetite for certain leafy psychoactives, you may or may not be aware of the quiet revolution that is happening with marijuana-based social media apps. From dating sites like High There and My420Mate to invite-only networking platforms like KushCommon, a recent David and Goliath-like victory from one of their kind has opened the floodgates.

It all started when Mass Roots, an upstart “Facebook for stoners,” took on the mighty Apple after being banned from the app store last November and, somehow, managed to beat the behemoth.

“We were trending under social networks in the app store, and Apple came after us saying, ‘We don’t want an app for a bunch of people being high; we don’t think that type of content belongs,’” explained Mass Roots CEO Isaac Dietrich. “So they...

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