Egyptian tobacco traders call for the legalization of cannabis

The Cairo and Giza Tobacco Traders Association demanded a serious review of a proposal to legalise the hashish trade, submitted to the Legislative Reform committee headed by Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb.

Legalising such a trade could contribute quickly and effectively in decreasing the national budget deficit within a few years, compared to other economic methods, head of the Tobacco Traders Association Osama Salama said.

Salama added that the government should learn the psychological and scientific rule, which says “the forbidden is desirable…and the desirable is forbidden”. He said that if hashish is available, its demand will be reduced. At the same time, the government can impose taxes, and place controls and instructions on its trade.

“Through studying and analysing the declared official statistics for the hashish trade on the Egyptian street, we found that the size of the hashish trade annually is EGP 42bn,” Salama said. “The government spent more than EGP 1bn...

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