Edible Marijuana Will Be As Easy to Buy As a Beer

Tripp Keber can’t roll a joint. “But I can certainly pour you a glass of an effervescent adult-flavored sparkling pomegranate soda, and we can experience the benefits of cannabis that way,” says the 46-year-old CEO of Dixie Brands, Inc., whose Dixie Elixirs and Edibles brands are among the biggest names in Colorado’s legal pot business.

In Colorado’s first year of legal recreational pot use, oil-infused products — whether edible or drinkable — were the big story. They dominated the recreational market, outpaced expectations, and provided a peek at the future of marijuana. We spoke with Keber, one of MSNBC’s “Pot Barons of Colorado,” and Dixie Elixirs CMO Joe Hodas about innovation with infused products, the future of legalization, and why edibles are so hot right now.

Why are people in Colorado buying so many edibles? Are consumers just more comfortable with eating than smoking?
Keber: Cannabis exists on every single...

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