Connecticut Parents: let children with seizures take marijuana

Lindsey Clark of Darien thinks medical marijuana could make her 7-year-old twin sons, Jeremy and Miles, less reliant on pharmaceuticals that have undesirable side effects.

For Dana Haddox-Wright of Wilton, getting her daughter, Ella Wright, 5, into the state's medical-cannabis program could mean fewer trips to the hospital to treat epileptic seizures that can last as long as two hours.

But current state law does not allow children younger than 18 to be treated with the drug. So Jeremy, Miles and Ella, who all have a rare childhood epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome, cannot be prescribed marijuana products that seem to help youngsters in states where it is allowed.

Clark, Haddox-Wright and other parents are hoping the General Assembly will change that and approve a bill that would allow children to be treated with marijuana oils that have been found to reduce the profound, potentially fatal seizures associated with Dravet's....

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