Advocates: Legalization could hurt medical marijuana

Under the ResponsibleOhio measure, a regulatory Marijuana Control Commission would license nonprofit dispensaries to sell medical cannabis.

At 11, Lucy Scholten fights for her life. She experiences epileptic seizures every day, and she contends with cerebral palsy. She has tried more than a dozen medications to ease her symptoms, to no avail. The next step, said her mother Nicole Scholten, should be medical marijuana.

But the answer, Scholten said, is not full legalization as envisioned by a group of wealthy investors called ResponsibleOhio. Lucy and other children with catastrophic illness would not be protected under ResponsibleOhio's proposed constitutional amendment, Scholten said.

"Patients who need medicine should be first in line ahead of people who want to use recreationally," she said. "It's irresponsible to pass recreational laws without a strong medical program in place."

On Nov. 3, Ohio voters will probably consider at least one marijuana legalization proposal on the ballot....

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