GrowBuddy App Streamlines Cannabis Cultivation

If you grow cannabis, then odds are you keep a journal to record your grow operation. Journals can be incredibly helpful tools, but they can be a bit of a mess as far as organization goes. You run the risk of having your journal getting damaged by the elements, which is the kind of problem you don’t want if you’re running a professional cannabis garden.

GrowBuddy, a cannabis tech startup based in Denver, Colorado, is on a mission to empower cultivators by providing an intuitive application that allows you to record every aspect of the cannabis cultivation process, from soil PH levels to environmental control conditions.

The idea for GrowBuddy came about when Daniel Starbuck, founder and lead architect, visited a friend’s grow operation. Taken aback by the disorganization, Starbuck knew he could create something better—GrowBuddy.

While GrowBuddy is certainly not the first application designed to assist cannabis growers in the cultivation process, it is definitely one...

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