The Dope on Pot – How Marijuana Affects Sleep and Dreams

The U.S. is slowly and steadily moving towards legalizing marijuana in all fifty states. Almost half have already legalized medical marijuana; more are on their way. Several states have legalized recreational use of marijuana, and some have given the nod to retail outlets selling marijuana. These moves, whether brought about through the ballot box or via state legislatures, have unleashed intense public debate on the use and abuse of marijuana and the feasibility of legalizing a potentially addictive substance.

Incidentally, the therapeutic value of marijuana stems from its ability to induce deep sleep, but only during the initial period of usage. This makes it the right time to find out how exactly marijuana affects sleep, and why some scientists and physicians are worried about the potentially harmful effects of marijuana over-use that these legalization moves might result in.

Marijuana and Sleep

Several research studies have unearthed the positive association between...

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