Marijuana wax: A clear and present danger

St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson speaks at a news conference March 25 about the dangers of a concentrated marijuana extract known as butane hash oil.(Photo: Courtesy of Minnesota Department of Public Safety)

Story Highlights

  • Two teens overdosed in Duluth after using the drug
  • Marijuana wax doesn't produce an odor, making it harder to detect
  • Be aware of the signs of manufacturing or using Butane hash oil

Marijuana wax has been identified as a new threat to public safety in what seems to be a never-ending movement to find new ways to get high (or higher) on weed.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety issued a warning recently about the dangers of marijuana wax.

Tragically, St. Cloud residents are familiar with the dangers after two teens cooking marijuana wax caused a fire that later led to the death of one of the youth's grandmother, according to court complaints....

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