Marijuana legalization a chance to stir the pot

The first time I ever smoked weed, I was a passenger in a moving car.

I am not proud of that fact. It’s something I tried very hard to forget I’d ever done. Let’s be clear (not that many young, impressionable folks will likely read the newspaper, though they should, while they are a-gittin’ off my lawn): intoxicants and motor vehicles aren’t just a bad mix. They’re criminal, reckless, and dangerous. Since that time, I’ve written and reported on the consequences of those actions enough to have seen and heard and smelled how close I was (without realizing it) to a grisly, horrible death.

Then I caught a distant whiff of the familiar smell, outside an upbeat meeting of marijuana fans shortly after the vote, and the memory of my previous stupidity came wafting back.

However, the car in this story — a weather-and-baseball-bat beaten, 1980s-era AMC Concord, which could...

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