“Momma bears” roam the Florida Capitol searching for medical marijuana for their cubs

Momma bears, it’s taking the momma bears to end the reefer madness.

Paige Figley, Holley Moseley and Dawn Wein are among a group of women who worked the Florida Capitol the past year persuading, pressuring and pleading with lawmakers to lift a prohibition on medical marijuana and authorize the use of cannabis products they believe will ease their children’s suffering and, in some cases, potentially save lives.

When they showed up at the Capitol it was to put an exclamation point on the generation-long shift in how Americans view marijuana – since the 1990s twenty-three states have authorized its use as medicine.


Moms are effective advocates. They pluck our heart strings and strike a powerful chord; an innate desire to protect children, the weak, the vulnerable.

In the 1980s moms organized groups like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and changed attitudes and laws regarding alcohol and driving and opposed efforts...

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