Sixteen benefits from the ‘War on Drugs’

It is widely assumed that the so called ‘war on drugs’ (the war between drugs), has been a disastrous failure, and faced with mounting evidence and criticism, governments would eventually seek legislative and policy change. The evidence presented is largely based upon an analysis of the inability of drug prohibition to reduce the supply and demand for banned substances, supplemented by a critique outlining the widespread harms caused by prohibition. However, with a different agenda and focus, it might be that this ‘evidence’ in terms of the failure to dent supply and demand, has over time (fifty years), become secondary to other, government and business interests. Seen in a different light, the Drug War has been a major success, providing considerable opportunities and benefits:

  1. It protects the market share and place, of the privileged and promoted legal drugs; – alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, sugar and pharmaceuticals.
  2. It provides the police with excellent powers to easily stop, search,
  3. ...
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