Starting Line: Associatuion Startups Take Their Marks

The association startup space is budding just as much as the for-profit space is in Silicon Valley. Check out three examples of new groups that are starting to make an impact on fresh industries.

Association executives who were around in an organization’s early days might look back on those times fondly—long hours and late nights, learning by trial and error, and panicking when growth exceeded expectations. For associations still in their formative years, however, making it through each week, still standing, is cause for celebration.

There are more than 90,000 trade and professional associations in the United States, and new ones start up more frequently than you’d think. Here are the stories of three relative newcomers to the sector—each in a different stage of development—and the obstacles they’ve overcome, the lessons they’ve learned, and where they’ve found success along the way.

National Cannabis Industry Association CEO Aaron Smith. (Willie Petersen)...

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