Northern Territory Police find marijuana buried in a leg of lamb

Would-be drug smugglers were roasted when police discovered marijuana hidden within a leg of lamb.

The slab of meat and its unusual herb accompaniment was found by police in the Northern Territory, after something smelled suspicious to the Northern Substance Abuse Intelligence Desk.

Officers then decided to x-ray the lamb, which revealed the 20g bag of marijuana.

Police discovered 20 grams of marijuana hidden within a leg of lamb in the Northern Territory

It is believed the lamb had been shipped to a company at Darwin Airport, and would then be sent on to the Tiwi Islands 100kms to the north.

The stash would have been worth $2000 if it had been sold, which is about four times the normal price of the drug in suburban Australia.

'In an Indigenous community you're looking at $100 for 1 gram,' Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Malogorski told the ABC. 

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