Uruguayans skeptical as government takes control of marijuana market

As Uruguay embarks in a historic direction to control and regulate its marijuana industry, nearly six out of 10 of its citizens disagree with the policy according to the Latin American Opinion Project (LAPOP) at Vanderbilt University.

Law 19.172, passed in December 2013, made the small Latin American country the first in the world to take over all activities related to the marijuana market, including growing, distributing and selling cannabis and all its byproducts. While the measure has earned Uruguay kudos in some quarters for creativity, parts of law 19.172 violate treaties that comprise the International Drug Control Regime.

In addition, according to 2014 data from the AmericasBarometer survey in Uruguay, much of the Uruguayan public is against the idea and believes marijuana is a gateway drug and harmful to health (click here for the report in Spanish).

Nearly six in 10 (59.9 percent) Uruguayans surveyed said...

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