Ireland POLL: Should cannabis ever be legalised?

Senator James Heffernan and Dr Chris Luke lay out the pros and cons for leagalising cannabis in Ireland. Have your say in our poll below.


Yes, because criminals control its distribution and its illegality is attractive to impressionable young people, says Senator James Heffernan

IF people want to relax of an evening, and if they smoke a joint to do that, well, I don’t have a problem with that. It’s wrong to criminalise a person for using a recreational drug.

Go to any festival in the country and you’ll see recreational drugs everywhere. There’s not a major hassle about that.

People aren’t fighting or arguing. People are enjoying themselves and relaxing. The problems come from where these people are buying their product.

Some of the strains that people are smoking are quite dangerous.

There is a strain of cannabis, I’ve been told, which is the only strain that can be found around Dublin...

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