Interview: The Romanian “King of Legal Highs”

Alin Rotaru, dubbed by the Romanian media, ”The Kings of Legal Highs”, was the owner of what was probably the first physical “ethnobotanical shop” in Romania, which opened in early 2008 in the eastern city of Galați. Read Drugreporter’s guest author Ștefan Iancu’s interview with him.

(The questions and answers below do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editorial board. Warning - the interview contains explicit language!)

By 2010, there were more than 400 such stores nationwide, selling smokable plant material sprinkled with synthetic cannabinoids, “party pills” and little bags of amphetamine-like stimulants in powder form. The scale and speed of this operation led many to question how it all happened. At the time, Alin Rotaru was all over the news, brazenly warning the authorities that their efforts to restrict the new drugs were futile, since

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