Inside A Cannabis Chocolate Factory: Production Lines Are Going Seven Days A Week

In a squat pale generic-looking building away from a main road in the industrial neighborhood of Seattle, a man picks up small bits of crystalized cannabis oil with a pair of tweezers, weighs them and places them into clear round containers the width of a quarter. He looks over at the little pile of the crystalized “shatter” he’s working with – it’s worth about $20,000.

In the next room, a candy maker tempers her liquid chocolate, adds THC oil and creates the kind of candy bars Willy Wonka seemed to actually be eating in the eponymous movie. The “420 bars” come in varieties flavored with sea salt, toffee, hazelnut or hemp crunch, and sell for around $15-20 at recreational pot shops.   Evergreen Herbal, the company making these items along with THC-infused quenchers, teas, honey sticks and chewie bites has been selling them for just about two months and can barely keep up with...

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