Driving While High On Weed: New App Could Allow Marijuana Users To Monitor Sobriety From ...

Researchers have created a smartphone app that could help determine whether someone is too high to get behind the wheel and would allow police to identify impaired drivers, an important development for law enforcement and marijuana consumers alike as more states move toward full marijuana legalization. The app, developed by researchers from Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, uses high-speed cameras to detect involuntary, jerk-like eye movements associated with marijuana use, according to the State Press. The technology was unveiled earlier this month.  

The app could be downloaded to most smartphones and tablets, giving marijuana users an easy way to monitor their own sobriety, said the researchers. Users would stare into their phone’s camera -- or the phone of a police officer – and the technology would measure the saccades, or tiny movements, of their eyes. It's similar to a field sobriety test, where a police...

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