Company says marijuana may have lasting impact on Kansas employers





WICHITA, Kan. -- Between the issue or marijuana reform in Wichita and legalization lawsuits in Colorado, marijuana is taking the spotlight in the Midwest. However, one company says the drug may have a big impact in Wichita.

Edward Young, with the National Screening Bureau, says the use of pot may have a lasting effect on safety and health of workers.
According to Young, studies show that those who do use drugs are five times more likely to file a workers' compensation claim. They're also more likely to steal.

"Users are 10 times more likely to steal from an employer," Young said. "The average employer will tell you nationally the numbers tell us that the average employee steals $2,000 worth of material or money a year."

After Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana, Young said people are bringing it into Kansas more. Though he says the...

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