April 1 Alert: Tweed R&D Discovers Exciting Genetic Mutation

SMITHS FALLS, ON  - The Research and Development team at Tweed Inc. (Tweed) (TSX.V: TWD) have been busy in the lab analyzing an exciting new discovery in the cannabis plants from the latest harvest. When growing marijuana, the environment and the inputs can apparently become a part of the outputs in ways that have never been observed before. The lab results show that the medical marijuana plants have melded with leftover chocolate residue and spontaneously formed a new cannabis terpene, the aromatic compounds that give plants distinct aromas.

"We dubbed it A1-Chocolatene, because of the teardrop shape and the pleasant chocolaty smell it gives off," said Katya Boudko, Tweed's Head of R&D.

This discovery comes on the heels of the Company being named one of the Canada's Most Innovative by Canadian Business Magazine. Even though the new molecule appeared on its own, Tweed's ability to isolate it and study it...

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