Alaska Pot bill passes without Kelly's marijuana concentrate ban

JUNEAU — Pictures of blown-up homes, pot-infused candy and a dire warning that weed edibles will kill children weren’t enough to ignite support for a Fairbanks senator’s amendment to ban marijuana concentrates in 2017.

Republican Sen. Pete Kelly’s attempt to criminalize marijuana concentrates when the two-year constitutional protection for Ballot Measure 2 expires fell flat on the Senate floor Monday, with many fellow Republicans and urban Democrats concerned the ban was an overreaction that undermined voter intent.

The amendment was offered to a largely non-controversial bill updating criminal law to be in line with the voter initiative to legalize marijuana.

Senate Bill 30, which senators had hoped to get into law before Ballot Measure 2 went into effect on Feb. 24, passed the Senate 17-3. North Pole Sen. John Coghill said the bill “has been moving at the speed of cold molasses.”

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