The 7 Most Extravagant Marijuana Dispensaries

About 10 years ago we would have never seen any places like this. Now that the marijuana boom is underway, and its legalization is inevitable, we will start to see more and more impressive structures and businesses within the industry – starting with the focal point of the whole marijuana movement – Dispensaries.
Below are 7 of the most extravagant dispensaries as pointed out by

Marijuana legalization has a host of very real consequences for the country: the neutering of a dangerous black market, the slow acknowledgement of alternative medicines, and an influx of jobs, taxes, and merchandise that will shake America’s economy to the very core. However, we’re too busy swooning over the lush interiors of America’s emerging dispensary architecture to care about any of those things. Gone are blacked-out windows and the faint smell of pachouli at your local head shop, the next generation of dispensaries

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