Will Marijuana Be Covered by Your Insurance Plan?

Over the past two decades, marijuana has made some incredible strides.

In 1995 marijuana was not legal in any states, and according to Gallup, just 25% of its survey respondents were in favor of legalizing the drug. Then the wheels of change started spinning with California's legalization of medical marijuana in 1996.

Since this landmark legalization, we've seen 23 states and Washington, D.C. legalize medical marijuana, while another four states and D.C. have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Furthermore, two well-regarded polls from Gallup and the General Social Survey both recently noted that for the first time in history, the majority of respondents favored legalizing marijuana.

But can this rapidly changing tide of opinions sway your health insurer to begin covering marijuana under your health plan?

The chance of this happening anytime soon is extremely slim. However, let's examine what would need to happen in order for your insurer to...

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