Medical marijuana edibles raising concern

Laura Rivero laid out an array of marijuana-infused goodies on the glass countertop inside High Mountain Health Medical Dispensary on Thursday. The packages advertised things like frosted red velvet cookies and “gourmet chocolate that melts in your mind.”

As she looked through the labels, Rivero pointed out that one lacked any information about the milligrams of THC in the product. Another only used only the words “house blend” instead of describing the dominant type of cannabis in the product.

It’s these types of details that Rivero said needs to be on the packages of all marijuana edibles sold in Arizona’s medical dispensaries so patients know exactly what they’re getting.

“It’s not a simple topic, it’s much more complicated than smoking,” Rivero said. “You can't un-eat an edible. Once you've had a dosage you're both feet in.”

She isn’t alone in her thinking. The Arizona Department of Health Services has also...

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