Chart of the Week: 25 Months Wait Time From US Legalization to Sales

The wheels of state government can grind slowly, especially when it comes to medical marijuana implementation.

In regulated states where dispensaries are open for business, it took an average of 25 months for the very first licensed dispensary to open after the state’s MMJ bill or ballot passed.

However, many regulated states don’t have any dispensaries open for business yet. Would-be dispensaries in those states have been waiting an average of 20 months now to be able to open their doors. They are probably still looking at another 4-6 months of waiting, at best, before launch.

Implementation timelines vary significantly from state to state. And states often experience delays beyond what was originally outlined in the law or expected by the public, sometimes by a matter of years.

Oregon, New Mexico, and Maine were the quickest to move from legalization to opening days. Conversely, the District of Columbia, Delaware, and Rhode...

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