CEN Biotech's Last Ditch Efforts

CEN Biotech, the company that wanted to become the billion dollar king of Canada's medical marijuana industry, has made waves yet again in their latest attempt to become licensed, after losing their final appeal with Health Canada.

The company dropped its lawsuit against the Minister of Health on Friday - the one claiming Health Canada was “unlawful or unreasonable” in rejecting the company’s medical marijuana license. They did not give any reason for dropping the suit.

Now a petition has appeared on the popular site Change.org with an open letter to Health Canada. Here's a small portion of the letter that outlines the complaints:

In addition to serious demonstrated forms of arbitrary actions by Health Canada, distinct and purposeful prejudice may very well also exist in the licensing program. CEN Biotech is a key example. This company spent 12 million dollars on a medical marijuana facility that was

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