Advice for Employers Hiring Medical Marijuana Users

According to Todd Wulffson, an attorney who defends numerous employers dealing with employees wanting to use medical marijuana on the job, there are four scenarios in the employer-employee relationship that could lead to lawsuits.

Wulffson has some advice for employers dealing with these certain scenarios:

  1. If an employee or an applicant asks the employer if the employer would “accommodate my use of medical marijuana,” Wulffson says, “you have to accommodate the underlying disability of the medical condition.” But he adds that the employer does not have to let the employee become drugged while working. He advises the manager to tell the employee to visit the HR department, which should tell the employee that the use of medical marijuana is okay and discuss company policy. The employee should be clear about his/her condition and the reasons that necessitate the drug use
  2. If an employee has a serious disease, and says he/she will do
  3. ...
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