Summary of the five Ohio marijuana proposals

There are five legalization efforts underway in the state, four by ballot measures to amend to the state’s constitution and one as a proposed legislative bill in the House of Representatives. Following is a quick look at what the measures call for.



Initiative: Marijuana Legalization Amendment.

Ballot goal: November 2015.

Background: This business-backed, political action committee announced its plan to get on the November ballot. The group has cleared all certification and is collecting the needed 305,591 signatures to get on the ballot.

Amendment basics:

• Legalizes medicinal and recreational use for those 21 and older.

• Limits commercial production to 10 growing locations.

• Includes licensing provisions for product manufacturing and retail outlets.

• Creates a dispensary system to handle medicinal marijuana.

• Establishes five regional testing facilities.

• Includes a flat tax of 15 percent, with 55 percent going to municipal and township governments, 30 percent to county government; and 15 percent...

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