RedeCan Pharm’s Newest Canadian LP Greenhouse Approved For Sale

Ontario-based RedeCan Pharm was announced as the newest, fully licensed to sell producer under the MMPR on March 25th. The family-run operation, located in the Niagara region, is approximately 15,000 square feet of “primarily hydroponic” greenhouse production space and has 30 years of agricultural experience.

RedeCan becomes the 17th Licensed Producer fully-authorized to sell medical marijuana in Canada under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulation after being approved to produce (grow) in June 2014.

Unlike many other producers, RedeCan has kept a relatively low profile. The company has had no social media presence, and only a landing page for their website at as they’ve taken a ‘head down’ approach, focusing on their production and approval process more than marketing.

“Really, there were no deep reasons for keeping a low profile,” says Rick Redekop, the company’s head of operations. “We are a family owned business and had our hands full juggling...

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