Marijuana Legalization: Colorado Will Defend Pot Bill Against Lawsuit From Oklahoma And ...

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman announced Friday that the state will defend its legalization of marijuana for sale medicinally and recreationally against a lawsuit filed by the attorneys general of Nebraska and Oklahoma. Friday was the final day for Colorado to respond to the lawsuit, which alleged its voter-backed legalization initiative, Amendment 64, has sent a wave of uncontrolled cannabis across the two states’ borders since becoming law in 2012.

Three other lawsuits have been filed since Nebraska and Oklahoma sued, including two by a group known as Safe Streets Alliance, which is affiliated with Holiday Inn Hotels and one from county sheriffs in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas.

In responding to the lawsuit, Coffman took a jab at federal authorities who have not passed any binding resolutions regarding marijuana laws, despite the proposal of a number of bills to the House of Representatives and Senate....

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