How Tweed markets a product it’s not allowed to advertise

The first publicly-traded medical marijuana producer in Canada has found other ways to generate publicity

Medical marijuana producers in Canada are typically branded like pharmaceutical companies—clinical, staid and boring. Tweed is their hip counterpart. The company’s personality is more akin to that of a craft brewery.

“They have a really easy name to remember,” says Daniel Pearlstein, a life sciences analyst with M Partners, which covers the company. “It sounds like what people call it on the street.”

Finding novel ways to stand out is important, because producers aren’t allowed to advertise to potential customers. Health Canada issued a warning letter on November 25, 2014, telling 20 licensed producers—including Tweed—about proper advertising practices for medical marijuana. The government wanted to make sure that the information licensed producers were providing the public would be limited to basic details for prospective clients, such as the brand name, proper or common name of the...

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