Gavin Newsom: California Is The 'Worst Of All Worlds' When It Comes To Marijuana

California has the oldest and largest legal marijuana market in the country, bringing in $1.3 billion a year. It's also the least regulated, allowing for local governments to enforce their own rules at their whims and a thriving underground industry to smuggle the product to other states en masse.

That's why Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom (D), who recently announced his candidacy for governor in 2018, says it's essential to begin publicly exploring the issue before a full-scale legalization measure likely shows up on the state ballot next year. On Thursday, a commission helmed by Newsom that's been researching recreational marijuana in California for the past year and a half released its first progress report and announced it will begin seeking feedback from the community.

"California has a very mature marijuana industry and it's just not regulated," Newsom told The Huffington Post by...

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