The 5 Biggest Obstacles Facing Medical Marijuana

For those who want to see marijuana legalized for recreational adult use, medical purposes, or perhaps both, the past couple of years have truly been groundbreaking.

Marijuana gains steam
Marijuana's path to legalization began in 1996, when physicians in California were permitted to prescribe medical marijuana to patients facing long-term diseases like glaucoma, or a terminal illness such as cancer (note: most states have specific cancer types that qualify, meaning not all cancer types automatically qualify for medical marijuana). As of today, 23 states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, along with Washington, D.C. Florida narrowly missed out on becoming the 24th state in last year's midterm elections; the proposal received 58% of the vote, but given that it would have required an amendment to the state's constitution, it needed a 60% "Yes" vote to pass.

But it's not just medical marijuana that's gaining steam; it's the perception...

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