83 Jailed in Denmark’s Biggest Ever Drugs Bust

83 people have been imprisoned for taking part in an organised drug trade in the Christiania commune in Copenhagen, following what some have described as the biggest drugs bust in Denmark’s history.

76 people were convicted of drug dealing during five hearings which were carried out on consecutive days this week. Seven people were also handed prison sentences in an earlier hearing in January as part of the same investigation, dubbed ‘Operation Pusherstreet’ by the police.

The sentences total 220 years of prison time, with the longest one lasting five and a half years, and the shortest six months.

The charges relate to the sale of hash and cannabis, within the boundaries of Christiania, a neighbourhood in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen that has informally self-governed itself since its founding in 1971.

A huge police raid in the commune and surrounding areas in March last year led to the arrest...

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