Why you can't call marijuana 'organic'

Anne Glazer, a partner at the Stoel Rives law firm, cautions marijuana sellers to skip calling their products "organic".


Not long after Oregon voted to legalize recreational marijuana use in November, attorney Anne Glazer began noticing producers touting their wares as “organic”.

Glazer, who specializes in helping food and beverage clients of the Stoel Rives law firm stay compliant with food and drug labeling laws, was troubled.

“It’s being used a lot,” she said, citing both packaging and advertising.

But it’s a no-go for the industry as it works to operate legally within Oregon.

The reason: The U.S. Department of Agriculture regulates the use of the word “organic”. Marijuana is still federally illegal. While a similar certification exists, in the absence of USDA certification standards, there’s no way to certify marijuana as officially organic.

“It’s pretty cut and dry,” said Glazer.

For Glazer, it...

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