Philly420: From Deleware to Detroit, Plans Differ for Medical Marijuana

Advocates for medical marijuana are quick to point out that 23 states have passed some sort of therapeutic cannabis law. All of them are different. They range from the broadly worded (California) to severely restrictive (New Jersey). The truth is that only a handful of these states actually offer programs that serve a majority of patients. 

Robust programs are running in Maine, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and California. These states offer the widest array of access from home cultivation, collective gardens and professional dispensaries. The rest of the country struggles to compete for a similar level of compassion. 

New Jersey only has about 4,000 registered medical marijuana patients. When it was passed in 2010, the law envisioned that hundreds of thousands would participate. After all, there are 9 million residents in the Garden State, and many are living with a qualifying condition. But endless regulatory delays and multiple bureaucratic hurdles resulted...

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