Marijuana wax receiving increased attention from law enforcement

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ST. PAUL — Law enforcement officials from Duluth and across Minnesota on Wednesday issued a warning about an increasingly popular form of marijuana that can be six times more potent than the traditional form of the drug. Called marijuana wax, the manufacture of the drug has been blamed for the death of a St. Cloud woman. Marijuana wax also is blamed for recent overdose cases involving two Duluth teenagers.

Wax is a street name for this type of marijuana concentrate, and is also known as butane hash oil, honey oil, budder, dabs and 710. It has a similar consistency as butter or honey.

The wax itself is dangerous, officials say, but the manufacture of the product presents a grave safety risk to the public.

“These labs are similar to methamphetamine labs, in that the chemical used is extremely flammable and explosive,” said Brian Marquart, statewide gang and drug coordinator for the...

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