Is the European Medical Cannabis Movement Gaining in Power?

Researchers and medical cannabis patients met at the Prague Medical Cannabis Conference to discuss the latest developments in the field. On the sidelines, Drugreporter's guest author Iga Jeziorska interviewed two activists who were involved with the recent founding of the International Medical Cannabis Patients' Coalition.

Physicians from various countries and specialisations, pharmacists, activists and patients, met between March 4th and 7th at the international Medical Cannabis Conference in Prague. The discussion and presentation topics were mostly highly specialised in particular branches of medicine, including cancer, tumours, dermatology, and psychiatric disorders, such as PTSD or psychosis.

From the point of view of drug policy reform, it was a positive thing to see professionals supporting the use of cannabis as a medicine, providing scientific evidence of its efficacy in a wide range of diseases, and advocating for policy change.

An important highlight of the event was the establishment of the International Medical Cannabis Patients'...

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