Study Alert: Negative Effect of Legal Access to Marijuana

Also, in his opinion, the Uruguayan law is better formulated compared to that of the Netherlands, since in the South American country the state regulates from production to marketing cannabis.

"Our results show that when a substance is legalized, people are more likely to consume and that can affect productivity," he told Efe this professor of Economics at the University of Maastricht.

Data were collected before and after implementation of a policy in 2011, which happened to allow only Germans, Belgians and Dutch could buy cannabis in the Dutch city of Maastricht.

"One of the effects we saw is that 5% was more likely to pass all courses," said the academic, compared to students of other nationalities in college, which became no legal access to marijuana.

The study was presented at the International Forum of the Institute of Research for Development, Growth and the Economy (Ridge, for its acronym in...

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