The new ganjapreneurs: welcome to Oregon's hip marijuana dispensaries

You might expect someone running a pot dispensary to have few reservations about legalising marijuana in Oregon, but Lauren Terry is of two minds. “As a manager, I think this business will probably be fine. As a patient, I worry about new taxes. I worry about growers.”

Terry knows the business inside out. But like many working at the retail end of the industry, and many patients, she is nervous about how Salem will reconcile the coming world of legalised recreational sales with Oregon’s large, innovative medical marijuana industry.

Brooklyn Holding Company, the brand-new venture where Terry works, is a marker of the industry’s developing sophistication. The look of Portland’s first “theme dispensary” has been painstakingly curated. The day we spoke, Terry was wearing a white brocade dress and a flapper-style headband made from tiny mirrors held together with crocheted wool. Her genial, mustachioed boss, dispensary co-owner Jeff Myers, hovered...

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