Man Killed by Cannabis Story on DailyMail Website Wins Orwellian Prize

The article in the DailyMail states that a man died after suffering heart problems as a result of a decade-long addiction to cannabis, an inquest heard.

“John O’Brien, 53, from Salford, began smoking cannabis to cope with life-changing brain injuries sustained in a car crash.

But over a ten-year period, the Class B drug took its toll on his body and caused his heart to stop working.

A coroner at Bolton Coroner’s Court ruled in December 2014 that Mr O’Brien died from cannabis cardiotoxicity, a little known condition in which smoking cannabis triggers heart problems.”

But here’s where the article goes awry on many points.

“…. he was trying to get off it and was on a cannabis substitute.” (he smoked for 10 years prior to using a ‘cannabis substitute”, whatever that was, which wasn’t reported by the coroner.)

“…. coroner ruled that Mr O’Brien died as a result of heart problems.”...

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