Can medical marijuana be banned from the workplace? The answer is a bit hazy, expert says

Can a private employer stop employees from bringing doctor-prescribed marijuana to work?

Sorry, human resources managers, the answer just isn't as clear as you'd hope. That's according to Jim Reidy, an attorney tackling employer questions regarding drugs at the Society for Human Resource Management conference in Washington on Tuesday.

"It's evolving. That's why this topic is really hot for employers right now," Reidy said.

While employers may have federal law and even local smoking bans on their side, the legal answer to that question hasn't been completely resolved if an employer allows other prescriptions to be taken at the workplace, Reidy said.

The expert from New Hampshire-based Sheehan Phinney Bass and Green was addressing some of the growing questions for businesses in the wake of legalization of marijuana and medical marijuana in multiple states, as well as the District. So what were some of the other common questions Reidy's been...

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