Is Marijuana as Effective as Opiates for Treating Pain?

Everyone has experienced pain from injuries and illnesses. For most of us, it goes away before we’ve tested out all the treatment options. Those with severe chronic pain have learned that our choices are limited. Medical marijuana may be an alternative. Now that some states are allowing it, we are starting to see some data comparing cannabis to our current standard for acute pain (pain from traumatic injuries or from surgery): prescription opioid painkillers.



Trading Opiates for Marijuana to Treat Pain

Marijuana works on some of the same areas of the brain as opioids–those that perceive pain. The active ingredients may help cancer-related pain. They can also be helpful in some pain related to multiple sclerosis and in HIV and AIDS.  

Prescription opioids are absorbed into our blood vessels. Once in the vessels of the brain, transporters help these compounds to travel to their target...

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