Is Australia ready for medical marijuana?

A GREENS MLA has proposed a bold new plan to make Canberra the medical marijuana capital of Australia.

The legislative assembly is currently holding an inquiry into a bill containing a medical marijuana scheme proposed by minister Shane Rattenbury which is due to be ruled on by June 2015.

In the latest move by the minister, he has outlined a plan that would allow the ACT to develop a monopolised cannabis industry akin to Tasmania’s $120 million dollar poppy industry.

Mr. Rattenbury would like to see the ACT government granted an immediate exemption from the federal ban on importing the plant and is calling on the inquiry to allow Canberra businesses to begin developing a medical marijuana industry.

The ACT Greens balance-of-power member wants regulation allowing businesses to grow cannabis for medical and scientific purposes spruiking the economic benefits of such a scheme.

“The ACT Government should explore the...

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