5 states rapidly moving toward marijuana legalization

The legislative season is in full swing across the country, and pot is hot -- especially in New England

And we’re not even talking about medical marijuana or decriminalization bills, we’re talking about outright legalization bills.

Early this month, the General Social Survey, the “gold standard” of public opinion polls, reported that for the first time, a majority nationwide favor legalization. Other recent opinion polls, including Gallup and Pew, have reported similar results. And all have reported rather dramatic increases in support in recent years, with the trend still continuing upward.

While Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and DC have already legalized weed via the initiative process, it’s taking a few years for state legislatures to notice. There was a similar political dynamic with medical marijuana. Californians voted to legalize medical in 1996, but it took four years for Hawaii to become the first state to do so legislatively.

It’s now nearly...

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