Galilee Farmers want to grow cannabis

Many Farmers in the North wish to export marijuana, a move that could increase their revenues tremendously.

Galilee Farmers want to grow medical cannabis, yet the Israeli government forbids it. The situation today is that only eight farmers have permission to grow cannabis: The government is opposed to increasing the number of licenses to the dismay of farmers who wish to increase their profits. Galilee Farmers are especially interested in exporting cannabis overseas. Dubi Amitay, President of the Israeli Farmers' Association added: "The State of Israel is preventing the export of Israeli cannabis, which could bring millions of dollars to the state and the farmers, I am not sure why they delay it."

On January 2015 Negev farmers also requested to grow medical cannabis. Several farmers from Eshkol Regional Council near Gaza have asked the government to enable them to grow cannabis for medical purposes, and to give them priority...

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