Marijuana dispensary owner plans to stay open

Tomorrow is the day.

The RCMP told Bryan Raiser that he had to close his medical marijuana dispensary by Thursday, March 19.

Tuesday night he won, symbolically anyway, the support of district of Squamish council.

Raiser appeared before council Tuesday night and asked that they pass a motion in support of access to medical marijuana derivatives. The motion was similar to that passed in January by city council in Grand Forks, which is also an RCMP jurisdiction.

The motion stated that council will request that the federal government include marijuana derivatives, such as cannabis oils, be included in the legal marijuana program and that government further review legislation and options for greater local access.

“The actual production of medical marijuana – the licensing piece – is currently mired in the courts right now, and I think it provides a service and a medicine for people who need it, so I...

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