'I believe it was eating part of my brain,' woman says of synthetic drug's effects

An Edmonton woman says her decision to smoke a synthetic drug to beat her employer's drug tests created a two-year addiction that ruined her financially and nearly killed her.

The drug is one of several that are illegal to market as cannabis alternatives, but until recently were sold openly in some head shops and convenience stores as incense, and labelled “not for human consumption”.

While recent police raids may have driven sales in Canada underground, the synthetic cannabinoids are still available on the internet.

"I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy," said the woman.

While head shops may no longer be selling synthetic cannabinoids such as 'Spice' openly, the same drugs are widely available on the internet. (CBC)

Go Public agreed to withhold the identity of the woman, whom we'll call Catherine.

Catherine said she and her husband had high-paying jobs in the energy business. She heard "synthetic pot"...

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